an invitation into evolutionary eldership

    to join us in creating a new humanitarian approach; bringing huge heart, fierce love and infinite creativity to caring for children

    as sacred seeds of this new time for the earth

  • A new humanitarian approach

    it's time for evolutiomary humanitarianism

    The purity of humanitarianism; the orginal way; care of the village by the elders; acting in full service to the highest level of evolution for the tribe.


    Recognising our place in this pivotal time of the turning of a cycle, an emerging new time for earth; where we live, work and learn in new ways; going with the natural course to bring care fully into the local community; and creating the infrastructure and gathering resources for us to do that.

    Your invitation

    to evolutionary eldership

    To join us as we ignite the fires of evolutionary elders in communities; gathering as was done genarations before; and still in some tribal communities today; taking full responsibility for the care and wellbeing of our villages; to unite with a promise, to do what we need to do for the highest evolution of our young ones; as seeds of a whole new time for the earth.

    We know how to do this

    it's part of our nature

    We've been caring for our villages since the beginning of time; gathering to share what we each see and sense; forming a collective picture of the whole; each individual, young or old, holding wisdom and an essential connection to the natural intelligent system, that shows us what is needed for the higher evolution of the tribe.

    The future is in our hands

    Making is what makes us human

    Recognising that we are all makers of realities; artists and designers; creating every moment of each day.


    Extensive studies show how 'making' is central to being human; that is intrinsic, a natural way of evolving.


    Making with our hands, connects us to ourselves, each other, the world around us; and opens up the channels to the natural intelligence of nature, with it's constant stream of in-formation of what is needed for the sustaining, strengthening and higher evolution of the earth.


    It is up to us now

    The future is in our hands

    It's time to make our way through these times

    To a future of our own making

    Making Change

    for making our way to a brighter future

    Engaging our natural capacities as makers of realities; to make our way across this threshold between times; making the changes and transitions needed for the new future as part of this evolving earth.


    We are each weaving this tapestry of life; making 'history' - or rather - 'our story' that our children of today will share with their young ones in years to come; one that requires us to make. What will that story be?


    It is up to us now

    To make our-story

    It is time now

    For making our way to a brighter future

    For making the changes that we need to made

    For making transitions

    For making a difference

    For makling waves

    For making a stand

    For the children of these times and of the future

    As sacred seeds of a new cycle; a new time for this earth

    Making a good start

    'Start how you mean to go on'

    We all know that making a good start sets everything up for a better trajectory. Powerfully so in all of nature; so it is with human life.


    The natural intelligence of the earth is producing more highly evolved seeds for an evolutionary leap for nature and for humanity as part of that; our children of these times, are the seeds of this new time for the earth; and it is now up to us as elders to create environments that enable them to evolve to the highest level possible according to their the nature's intelligence and design; within a context which is deeply challenging for most adults; let alone children.


    Children need to retain their natural purity, connected to nature, flowing and expressive in their creativity, candid observations and insights, their wisdom and pure genius; with the support, encouragement and assistance in materialising what they have come here to be and do.


    The children need us to assist them.

    We need the children us

    For they are the wisdom keepers and seeds of the new future. 



  • Your wholehearted welcome


    There are many ways that you can join and be involved; there is a wholehearted welcome for you.


    You may be moved to start a journey of evolutionary eldership; you may wish to strengthen, nourish and evolve the work of A Children's Village in some way; there are lots of amazing research, projects and prototypes that are making their way into the world, bringing huge heart, deep care and infinite creativity to the creation of children's villages and to the care of children as sacred seeds of this new emerging earth.


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