• Making a Mother of Me


    A call again from a Mother Yew, this time whilst writing a funding application for a children's village and 'making a brighter future; called as she has many times before, to share her words of wisdom.


    'One mother, 5 children'. This is the next right thing. Make preparations... the rest will come from there'; says Great Mother Yew.


    My jyotish chart was said to be the 'most obvious adoption chart' he'd seen in 30 years of professional practice;. confirmation of a knowing held since very early life.


    And the signal is that a major loss of life is possible and that children need safe havens to go to, in the community, with people they feel safe with, who are led by love, guided by nature and sovereign.


    There are many of us around the world, who seem to have carried this as a knowing, a vision or instruction through this life; and it seems our time is coming. We are somehow, picking up signals from one another, and finding our way to discover this shared instruction.


    With this wisdom from Mother Yew Tree, much is flowing with 'A Children's Village, Evolutionary Eldership and 'the croft' all coming much more clearly into view.

  • The Croft of the future

    This image made its way into my awareness again on 24th December; and it became the focus of my inquiry in deep focussed silence. It first came through in 2020.


    In a deeply still and silent inquiry to 'dream into it' more; Costa Rica came close in such a beautiful, kind and welcoming way; bringing a feeling of peace, safety, and nourishment; it is catalysing me to go!


    Where and who with, are part of my inquiry; knowing myself better now, after much lone travel, and especially in 'these times'; heading to a haven and a trusted cluster of people, is paramount.


    Originally this sketch came from a pocket of deep silence in October 2020 and has been a compass for me since.


    Imagine the best of crofting (an indigenous approach to smallholdings), in harmony with nature; growing as a devotion; an up levelling of Anastasia, Quantum agriculture and quadrality in action; plus apocathery, food, dye and ink, natural textile, willow and paper 'plots'; a little animal sanctuary (with no taking from them), an outdoor bakery, oven and kitchen area; spaces for woodwork, weaving and textiles, a living water lab, sacred seed store and learning space; a wild 'spa' and art and nature experiences; beyond the croft; a studio for analogue printing and visual collaboration; all with bio-architecture and organic buildings; an odyssey of evolutionary experiences and learning; for children, young people and for family and intergenerational learning too; all analogue; no tech; no AC; all running naturally.

    Partner and collaborate with a team

    A co-located team - for making our way to a brighter future - a living creative process of inquiry and action as a natural movement with what is beckoning from nature; from source; that which needs materialising.

    Evolutionary eldership

    Being in a cluster of evolutionary elders is my next step; with people who are led by love and guided by nature, to create the highest level of evolutionary environment around them, for children as seeds of the future.


    It's a call, a beckoning from nature; to gather as we have done since our tribal days ; going deeper into connection with all that is, all that beckons; and together, making a brighter future for our cluster and sharing it more widely.


    And the invitation to gather in 'evolutionary eldership' will make it's way more widely in January 2022.

    Recovery, Restitution & Regeneration for children

    The research for a book 'Recovery, Restitution & Regeneration after sexual abuse in childhood - multidimensional approaches' has been my work since March 2019; and has evolved into a wider view of ''Recovery, Restitution & Regeneration after abuse in childhood' with what became illuminated through the initial research, as an epidemic of abuse in regards to children.


    This has now spawned a series of creations that are useful, beautiful and therapeutic for children and young people in these times; including cards, games and resources, and designs and prototypes for experiences, spaces and places that address abuse, wellbeing and higher evolution through love and connection with nature; and tending to the constellations and living systems that children are shaped by.

  • Divine play

    The engagement in this ongoing inquiry and action journey since 2016, guided by source to make things that are useful, beautiful and therapeutic; this way of working with presences, and what beckons from the future with people and in communities.
    What has arisen is a huge flow of designs for kits and games; that assist in connection, open-hearted conversation, collaboration and care; that are beautiful, engaging and expressions of love in action; they invite people to gather, reflect, explore, connect and to listen, to one another and to themselves, in a new, deeper way.
    Some of what is happening in the world is really challenging to comprehend, face and move through; it seems that these kits, games, cards, experiences and odysseys somehow make it easier to engage with; and offer support through so much change and transition within, and around us.
    And it seems my 5 years working in a toy store and 2 years researching games with children, is coming online; games shape us so much; and they also illuminate aspects of ourselves and each other, which is so helpful in evolving together, and overall, mending and repairing the current cultural fabric; and evolving it too.
    There are SO many creations bursting to be shared; and they are really helpful for these times; and so beautiful with an array of ways of 'making'!
    A little pause to cross this threshold of moving location; and shall be fully open and ready in early January.

    inspired by oraclegirl.org. the ancient Mother Yew & Amate trees

  • A turning point

    All of this work has so far been been made possible by friends and colleagues who have been assisting me in crossing the threshold to this way of workin; enabling me to invest the time and resources for in research and prototyping.
    My gratitude is so profound and so deep for all the helping hands along this way; to help sustain me and the work through gifted studios, assisted travel, wellbeing sessions, accommodation and donations to invest more in the kits and to sustain me in this fallow time where my seeds are being sown, and the harvest from my corporate work has been used; this path of dharma is certainly one of trust, courage to move forward when it's been unclear how visions or callings can materialise.
    This is all philanthropic work; dharma and finding my way through the process of making the work, and making it work, has been a labour of love, it's own odyssey of learning and evolutionary experience in itself!
    At this turning point, there are funding applications in process; and following the golden thread for partners to work with on their body's of work; whilst also moving into production on all that has been developed so far.
    Aiming to give freely, is an odyssey of learning in itself also; and a way to enable that is one of my deeper inquiries as well as practical explorations.

    Opportunities to make things that are useful, beautiful and therapeutic for others are welcomed; and sponsors and patrons for inspired innovations is so very helpful too.
    Investment is welcome also; if it gets the work moving more quickly, especially now with so much on the near horizon to tend to; this is a philanthropic venture however all options to catalyse the work are welcome.