• The Children's Village - beckoning to land and materialise

    A picture 'came through' in deep silence in October 2020 that was a beautiful place, nestled in nature; with mountains in the background and lush green nature; a river and a cluster of natural, biophillic designed spaces; and a fire, with ellders gathered around. My friend Wynn encuraged me to make a picture for me; knowning of my work to make these for so many others as part of my work; and it was 'my time'; especially having had my natural motherhood journey take another knock just months before; and that had letft me with no horizon to move towards.


    This became my horizon; a direction to move towards; for it felt so alive and nourishing; and utterly inpsiring - a cluster, nestled in nature, with deeply aligned and resonnat others; a future beckoning and at that time, many signals of Mexico were coming through; and after many attempts to 'cross the bridge', it


    A message was received in the early hours of 21 December 2021; it woke me and brought a faqst flow of writting; thankfully my paper and pencil were next to the bed; it was a message about the children of the new earth; that as has happened at other major turning points in the history of time, there is a need now for safe havens to be created to protect our children; creating a highly loving, safe, and supportive environment for them to grow as seeds of the future time on earth. It was said that there needed to be many around the world; and that it was a shared effort of parents, loved ones, community members, enteprise and business; and that together we could sustain and nourish life independently from the predominant systems of today's societies.


    There was a flow of synchonstic events that followed; as if to show me the way; people, places and projects that were in alignment with this; showing me all of the elements that were to be part of it; and it was my mistake to focus on finishing 'the sea change game' first; when another path was opening up very natrually. The consequences of this, were clearly evident in my health, energy and flow of re-sources; nature making it clear it waas off course from the flow of nature; and great difficultiles ensued. Recognising now, that, with the benefit of a deeper dive into my health; that my diaphraghm was under-developed from the very beginning of my peri-natal life; and that my chest breathing was keeping me in my limbic (survival) system ongoingly; and by addressing that, everything is now coming into view, much more clearly.



    Evolutionary eldership

    Being in a cluster of evolutionary elders in the mountains is my next step; with people who are led by love and guided by nature, and called to create clan in a cluster; and feel to the promise and the process of 'a children's village'; a call to gather as we have done since our tribal days ; going deeper into connection with all that is, all that beckons; and together, making a brighter future for our cluster and for children of the future.

    Making our way to a brighter future

    Venturing into a process of inauiry and action; moving with what beckons from the future for us as a team of evolutionary elders; creators; open-hearted, grounded, practical, radical in the highest sense; courageous; and connected to source.

    Nature's innovation and earth-centred design

    A natural process of being in nature, connected and aware, open to signals, in-formation and natural movements to go where beckons; for all that needs to happen for children, to be revealed.