• Now is the time
    For the greatest acts of art that will determine our realities, our experiences, the quality - and in some cases, the duration of our lives and those of others.
    For creating that which beckons from the future, to come into form 
    For the full spectrum of art, the best of craft, the highest levels of making
    For creating a future of our own making


  • making my way to a brighter future


    Making my way through this time of change and transition, making steps each day, across this threshold between worlds; using my strengths and skills to assist in this emergent process of making a brighter future.

    My work since 2008 has been to 'create wellbeing and positive change'; and since 2016, a natural, instinctual departure from almost of the work in what revealed itself to be largely distorted and corrupted by profit and power; and controlled by institutional agendas driven by command and control governance.


    My work is to cataylse movement forward in this natural process of evolution in this times; assisting with change, transition, regeneration and transformation of how we live our lives and what we set in motion for tomorrow and for years to come.


    Flow not force. No goals or defined outcomes; no roadmap or path; more of an active, living inquiry, a movement through time and space; seeing, listening, sensing; and bringing energy and creativity to that which beckons to be brought into form, as my contribution to our collective work of creating new realities guided by source, by pure life force seeking it's highest level of natural evolution.


    a future of our own making


    Life on earth is undergoing a massive refit.


    The old ways, structures are in need of refurbishment and replacement.


    Pioneers showing the way on how life can be.


    Others making a departure from that which is known; making their way to a new life and new ways.


    Others salvaging, repurposing, recycling and repairing that which has use for these times of transition and migration through this threshold time.


    Now is the time...


    For honest, humble, curious inquiry into our paradigms, patterns and programmes of thinking that shape our current behaviour and realities.


    For affinity, relatedness; resonance with others; creating the natural alchemic reactions as a potent and powerful catalyst for change.


    For courageous conversations to consciously create new worlds; to make a brighter future together; with consent as an absolute bottom line all the way; with a holy yes as the aim.

    For Communicating that which needs to be shared

    Making what needs to be made

    Building what needs to be built

    Waving what needs to be woven,

    Repairing that which is broken

    Seeing what needs to be seen

    Noticing that which beckons to be noticed

    Hearing what needs to be heard

    Experiencing that which needs to be experienced

    Knowing what needs to be known

    For meeting natural needs that need to be met

    For caring for the concerns and needs of our species

    For keeping what needs to be kept

    For shedding that which needs to be let go

    For Creating that which beckons from the future, to come into form


    It is in our hands. It is up to us; to be working together, for a future of our own making.

  • leadership for these times

    activating your own self-leadership and engaging all of your capacities, strengths and dimensions of you as a creator of new realities and a maker of a brighter future in your sphere
    make space and create opportunities in your world for what people need to have conversations about and collaborate together
    a different perspective and approach to 'leadership development'
  • learning journeys

    assisting you with the insight, design, delivery, review and improvement of courses and resources for learning - and unlearning - that are helpful to us in our making of a brighter future
  • earth centred design 

    an evolution of the establish practice of 'human centred design'; taking into wider, deeper and fuller account of us as part of nature; and designing and making a brighter future for all natural lifeforms 
  • fields of in-formation

    creative practice to connect with the field of natural intelligence and guidance for making a brighter future 
  • Making in every moment

    A multidimensional, multi-disciplinary and highly practical approach to change; built on the foundations of 25 years in change management, communications, enterprise, learning and innovation; a steadfast position that change is a process of making; not something to be managed, worse manipulated, co-oerced or enforced; instead, moving in an emergent process, tending to our source connection as a priority, listening from the silence, the stillness; 'the gap'; connecting with the field of 'in-formation', to natural intelligence; to receive that which beckons from the present and the future; connecting with real, true, deep needs; and engaging in the fullest range of dimensions of making to create new possibilities and materialise new realities.


    A steadfast position that change is a process of making; moving in an emergent process, tending to our source connection as a priority, listening from the silence, the stillness; 'the gap'; connecting with the field of 'in-formation', to natural intelligence; to receive that which beckons from the present and the future; connecting with real, true, deep needs; and engaging in the fullest range of dimensions of making to create new possibilities and materialise new realities.


    Professionally, theory u in action. For others, this is simply getting back to our way of nature.


    The end of command and control is over; change is not something to be managed, worse manipulated, co-oerced or enforced.

    Tending to a high level of awareness and vigilance for patterns, paradigms and programmes of thinking that can easily happen or creep in;.


    Engaging all discop


    My work is often in the background, often invisible in the wider world of media, platforms and public appearances. It's good for me to have it this way; and works especially well with people who appreciate that 'work' comes in many forms and takes place in quiet, silent and invisible spaces and behind the scenes.


    The journey to now

    A natural artist placed into business school at 19; communicating, working, innovating, leading, facilitating in

    the ways that came natural to me; whilst contravening with mainstream business practices and often, ethics.


    An active inquiry since 2004, led to a final departure from commercial change management in 2007; and dedication to a path in 2008; to 'explore how best to use change management to create more wellbeing and positive change'; a journey that led me to work with communities, charities, social enterprises, wellbeing practitioners, change-makers, CSR, placemakers, councils, partnerships. businesses, leaders and in schools and education.


    Cycles of burnout through these years catalysed detoxification and a deep inquiry into the underlying cause; and a gradual recognition that my body was signalling dis-ease with my environments; catalysing a letting go, a consolidation and a departure from professional practices, paradigms; a breakaway from overt and covert agenda-driven change that is top-down and serving profit and power over people and planet; a costly decision financially for a time; yet has opened up an entirely new flow of vital life-force, a restoration of my personal integrity and a deeper strengthening, stronger energy and steadfast anchoring in what is truly serving wellbeing of the whole.


    Gathering the best from tools & techniques

    coaching| facilitation | mentoring | visualisation | leadership development | leadership counsel | advisory | business case development | presentations and proposals | process design & improvement | inquiry & action learning| creative problem solving | visual thinking & dialogue | planning journey mapping & guiding| training| design-thinking | decision making| creative direction | artefacts | e-learning | communications | partnership facilitation, development and brokering | ideation & concept development | user journeys | collaboration | interior design | game design | empathy | sensitivity | nature connection| consciousness | first hand experience in neurodiversity | event

    Energy & engagement

    A very 'successful', award-winning experiment; a living experience of the power of tending to energy, alignment, wellbeing and creativity; and a catalyst for a change of direction and multiple paradigm shifts for me with regards to my professional practices and course of direction for my work with leadership, engagement, workplace wellbeing, 'awards' truth, alignment and democracy.

    Seeing through the eyes of love

    Now recognising the distortions in having British artists overseas with non-governmental organisations; and a felt experience of that at the time; the gold from this was an invitation to a) see another aspect of colonial paradigms to depart from and b) an invitation into a deeper way to inquire about change; purely through the heart, through the eyes of love; with no desire or movement to 'change' anything; to be fully present 'with what is' and follow that which arises in awareness, that beckons for change; an unusual experience in 'design for change' circles!

    A turning point in placemaking

    Pratical insights into placemaking with a multi-disciplinary team involving a leading city planner, architect and commercial development broker; a dawning realisation of the weight of commercial priorities in traditional placemaking, town and city planning; a turning point, marking my departure from mainstream projects and practices; gathering what was useful, to assist in forming and developing new places for communities, in harmony with nature, source and with love at the heart of decision making and co-design.

    "Karen is utterly unique; I know no-one else like her. Each time we meet or work together, the experience leaves me inspired. She is so giving of her knowledge, her energy and unparalleled authenticity - that I find myself, as a storyteller, short for words. Karen is a firebrand, a soul-counsellor and superlatives aside, a great person to work with."


    Martin Deakin - Leadership Storyteller & Communications

    ...'Karen's approach is creative, leftfield, technically excellent all wrapped up in great stakeholder management. She is a refreshing change from the 'formula' approach in her field.”


    Bill Dudman

    How to describe working with Karen Leela Grace?! Imagine the most creative, boundary-less brain, inside a whole-hearted human with a deep deep curiosity and care. And then add in a large dose of systemic and organisational nouse, and relaxed confidence with the senior leaders in any organisation; Leela is brave in saying she sees the world differently and what an incredible perspective you will gain if you listen up.”



    “Over 6 sessions Leela helped me strengthen my own resilience and that of my team; 6 months on and I have now instigated a team resilience programme, tackled performance-related issues across my team, supported others struggling with change management, and most importantly have a confidence in myself to continue navigating us through the growth of my organisation. I recommend her to anyone wanting to strengthen their leadership and create resilience in their team or organisation.”


    Lucy - Global Leadership Team (nda)

    'Karen is like no-one else I have ever met; she's quite simply brilliant. She is a unique blend of creativity, intuition and smarts.


    Her crystal clear process took me on an amazing journey starting from a spark of an idea - and ending in a fully formed business plan. Like a spiral, Leela's questions led me deep into the core of the idea. One of the keys of the process is the visual map that Karen creates for each session. These maps helped me to link things together in new ways, and see new possibilities - ultimately coming up with a better concept."


    Dawn Gosling - Director

    “Karen is a joy to work with. A high spirit and drive are allied to a thoughtful planned approach and she is always looking for more; more aspects, more avenues and especially more marketing directions. Karenworked on a wellbeing project with me and I would have never got it up and running without her.”


    Brent Curless - Entrepreneur

    "I had some business coaching with Karen some 18 months ago - it illuminated and released the potential of the thoughts, dreams and dynamics of my business. We created a visual structure which allowed me to see my business more deeply, and from new perspectives - and I immediately saw clearly where it needed to go.


    Karen facilitated clarity for the future and in our session and mapped out a visual roadmap with intentions and next steps; this vision has been coming to fruition ever since and has become my reality.


    Her way of working is very magical and unique. I can honestly say that that this is the absolute best money I have ever spent in terms of life and business coaching and encourage anyone at a crossroads, looking for direction, needing to make conscious decisions and being clear about next steps to embark on, you won't be disappointed, you will be blown away."


    Emma Jackman - Founder of Conscious Chocolate

    "Thank you for your listening, creativity and knowledge all in a realm of authenticity and potency. What I got out of our sessions was the opportunity to create new out of chaos; to create future out of things that were ending; to give a new meaning to ambition.”


    Annemieke Jonas - Pilates Specialist & Studio

    "I never had such an experience before. I think many peoples in India need such coaching to take out their hidden dreams and show to them. And also showing them the possibilities and way forward.”


    Shiva Prakash - Ayurvedic Practiitoner

    "We greatly enjoyed working with you to create a visual representation of what we do. Karen and the team really helped us think carefully about the how we wanted to share the artefact and who it was for – and this ensured the end result is great and represents us very well."


    Steve Gray - CEO Earthwatch

    "I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of working alongside Karen; memorable, fun to be around and always happy to be “on-point” and accountable, Karen always demonstrated the key traits that make a great change manager; tenacity, commitment, extraordinary drive and professionalism.

    Within a few minutes of meeting Karen you will start to see these characteristics coming through. Her high levels of confidence and clear communication skills always gave me the confidence to know that any project she was running was in safe hands. Anyone looking for a committed, professional and trustworthy individual won’t go far wrong by choosing Karen; highly recommended.


    Ian Dickson - former colleague

    ‘The sessions were thought-provoking and created ideas that were able to be implemented on a practical level; meaning that the new insights had an immediate effect.’


    Richard Reid - Pinnacle Therapy

    'Karen is wonderful to work with, clever, creative and calming. I'd highly recommend her to you, she's a brilliant change agent.'


    N. Gatenby - Managing Director