• Making Moves

      revealing the next right steps through inquiry, silence and making for surfacing and thinking

    Sense-making; meaning making and way-making

    Practices spanning all of the years since natually finding my way to these ways of working in 2004; arriving at this point to a full review, a re-tracing of my steps, an inquiry into the present and past, to crystalise where to by way of a next step or movement.


    It's been an inquiry and an investigation to become fully reconnected to my 'course', my dharma for this life; and specifically for these times; restoring the flow of energy, resources and connections for this 'vision' to be materialised and for my dharma as custodian of it, to be fulfilled.


    This inquiry and investigation has brought me to see a number of next steps to take and threads to follow.

    Evolutionary investors, team and cluster members

    The work of A Children's Village and The Children's Village need to be re-sourced; with a team, skills and re-sources for content creation and space to work; and to materialise the cluster nestled in nature, in the mountains and near the springs; and that will become a haven and an odyssey of inquiry, learning and unlearning for these times and the future that is emerging with our partipcation.

    Evolutionary elders & eldership

    Aligning with a team of evolutionary elders is my next step; with people who are led by love and guided by nature, to be co-located and work together to co-create what is needed for the sustenance and flourishing of the cluster and the evolution of our work.


    It's a call, a beckoning from nature; to gather as we have done since our tribal days; and to be located together in a cluster of plant species; going deeper into connection with all that is, all that beckons; and together, making our way to a brighter future for our cluster and sharing that more widely, whilst it is possible to do so.

    Listen to the mountains...

    They beckon with persistence; to go and hear, what is next.


    The mountains do call ongoingly; especially at major turning points. This is one of them.

    The Wisdom of the Springs and Streams

    The hot springs beckon; more signals to come from the waters.


    To be in a natural movement thorugh time and space; guided by source; led by love; to see the next right steps for this work to be fulfilled at the highest level, most pure expression and in the most beautiful ways.

    Make & Create

    My process of connecting with that which needs to be presenced and that which beckons from the future, is largely of making; writing, drawing, collage, painting, and craft; along with wisdom walks; then inevitably lead me to the studio again to make sense and piece together all that has been illimunated.


    Ready to join with others who live and work in this way; to co-create that which comes from source, and invited by nature as part of natural evolution of these times.