• Profound and deep gratitude

    All of this work has so far been been made possible by friends and colleagues who have been assisting me in crossing the threshold to this way of working; enabling me to invest the time and resources for in research and prototyping.


    My gratitude is so profound and so deep for all the helping hands along this way; to help sustain me and the work through gifted studios, assisted travel, wellbeing sessions, accommodation and donations to invest more in the kits and to sustain me in this fallow time where these seeds are being sown and tended, and the harvest from my corporate work has been used; this path of dharma is certainly one of trust, courage to move forward when it's been unclear how visions or callings can fully materialise. 


    You have offered counsel, wise words, practical tips, encouragement, and at times a shoulder to cry on, when the practical aspects of this have been so difficult; in be-earthing this over these last 3 years especially, which has been intense and at times disorienting in aq world in flux; so many paradigms and patterns of thought being challenged and let go; with health regeneration in the mix; the support has been life changing.


    There is a core who have walked this path with me; and many others who have given helpful things along the way; and will check if names or websites are welcome to be shared here.


    This process and transition has also been hugely assisted and catalysed by Oracle Girl; whose work is assisting me to embody more love :) -and their approach is to ensure that any one who is moved to participate, can, even when financial circumstances would normally exclude them from this phenomenal learning, development and support; and in the process of 'emptying' to allow this work to come through, my journey with that work became even more crucial.